Coorporate Business Solution   I   #Integrated & Make it happen

Hello! This is PT Integra Kreasitama Solusindo

Coorporate Business Solution   I   #Integrated & Make it happen.

#Integrated & Make it happen.

Build Neutral Network Infrastructure Connectivity Aggregator.

Being a trusted partner in providing reliable business solutions and helping client to get sustain profitable business.

  1. Providing total Solution and great Customer Experience for all Client.
  2. Providing added value to clients and generate real profits.
  3. Being a preferred partner for all Client and be an enjoyable workplace for employees to achieve the company's goals.
  4. Contribute positively for all stake holders.

Core Values Integrasia.



In the face of industrial and operational challanges



Work ethics that nature business partnership



Approach in capturing new opportunities



And Responsive to changes in the market



Solutions that bring positive impacts



Across cultures to promote diversity, equity, inclusion

Our Value Proposition.


Deliverable Solution


Optimized Productivity


Cost Efficiency


Improve Revenue

#Integrated and Make It Happen.

Being a trusted partner in providing reliable business solutions and helping client to get sustain profitable business.

Our Background

Coorporate Business Solution.

FCORP is a new wave of Indonesian conglomerate that aims to foster favorable ecosystems, improve quality of life and create a prosperous future for the world. We do this by empowering people through positive values and innovating toward substantial growth.


PT INTEGRA KREASITAMA SOLUSINDO is subsidiary of PT FAJAR KORPORA INDONESIA (FCORP) which have core focus in ICT Industry (Information Communication & Technology) specialized in managing System Integrator, Technology solution, Digital Multimedia, IT peripheral & Telco devices supplies to deliver business solution related in Telecommunication Services, Data/ Internet Connectivity & Multimedia Solution, Software as solution (SAAS) which can help to improve corporate and enterprise business needed We have business focus to bring value added services and cost efficiency to manage Triple play (Voice/ unified Communication, Data Connectivity & TV Content) in certain area/ Building Super block & Building Mixed Used Currently we have Business Partner from trusted & well known Provider who have experience and expertise as well as owning network infrastructure & licenses to deliver the services.

Our Founder

Share Holder Structure & Board Management.

Coorporate Business Solution I #Integrated & Make it happen.

H. Muhammad Fitno

President Commissioner

Edi Suryo Broto

President Director

F. Herry Kustono